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I’m sharing my LUT for Resolve i made that i designed to work with BMDFilm footage (RAW or Prores).

Here’s a revised version of the above LUT:

Here’s an IRIDAS version supplied to me by Alex from PrimeHD that should work for Cineform etc:

And a version for Lut Buddy for those who don’t use Resolve:

If you find my LUT useful, please send me an email or post a link in the above thread to anything you used it on, or mention that you used it in your video description (if possible). You can also send me money ($10NZD) if you REALLY find it useful:

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I spent a while creating this and used it as a starting point for every shot in my BMCC Auckland video:

The idea behind this LUT is to get me to a place i am 90% happy with, with minimal adjustments needed after. This is not a ‘neutral’ LUT, but has a ‘look’ to it that suits my aesthetic and what i like to see, but is generally flexible enough to suit most things i need to do. Its not for everyone but if some people find it useful it’s worth me sharing.

Also for anyone interested, i posted a Grading Showreel with breakdowns last night (many shots using this LUT):

I’ve also been able to use this LUT with DSLR footage from the 5Dmk3 and other “video” sources not shot in LOG by using Juan’s “Video 2 LOG” lut here in the 3D Input LUT section of Resolve (or you could put it in your first node, and make a 2nd for offset etc adjustments):

The way this is intended to be used is to be loaded as a 3D Output LUT in resolve as shown here (or used in the last node of your tree without adjustments made in the node itself):

Your RAW tab should be set to “BMDFilm”, or what i’ve done is make a preset in Resolve that sets all CinemaDNG’s to BMDFilm and also loads my output LUT.
From there it should be a simple exposure/wb/tint adjustment to get you 90% there, and perhaps some saturation tweaks (i still sometimes increase/decrease sat by up to 10 ‘points’).
This workflow should literally take a few seconds to get you going since any added clips will already be in BMDFilm with my output LUT added and you don’t even need to make any ‘node’ adjustments!

For Prores, it’s exactly the same with the output LUT except i use the Offset control in the LOG tab to control overall exposure/wb to get started. And saturation again if needed. Some grades will only need this one node adjustment to be ‘done’.
The offset wheel is the last wheel on the right shown here:

Here’s some examples using my LUT with the ONLY changes made being either exposure/wb/saturation for the RAW shots, or ‘LOG Offset Wheel’ exposure/tint/saturation:

RAW Shot:

Before (BMDFilm including exposure/wb adjustments):

After (only my LUT added):

A shot i did in Prores – before (straight out of camera):

After (LUT plus Offset exposure/tint/saturation in one node)

Prores – before (sooc):

After (same procedure)

John’s Raw (everyone knows this image – as before in BMDFilm etc)

After (only my LUT added)

RAW from Kholi (as before)

After (LUT only)

RAW from Kholi (as before)

After (LUT only)

I know John said it’s not possible with current BMC hardware that adding your own custom LUT could be implemented, but i hope i can find a decently priced monitor (Odyssey7??) that will allow custom LUTs so i can use this while shooting. 🙂

Hope some people find this useful! 🙂

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